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Sell While You Sleep

People are now living their lives on social media.

People are now accepting crypto currencies as a form of payment.
People are now enjoying the use of electronic payment systems.
Pause, where am I going with this?

Rewind some few years back and all these were unthinkable.
But the pace with which technology has altered and enhanced the way we live our lives has made the use of e-commerce platform a norm.

Frightening as it is, the dire consequences that come with the non-usage of e-commerce in doing business today cannot be overstated.

Available data indicates an increase in revenue growth being made by corporations over world who integrate e commerce [in the right way] in their businesses.

According to optinmoster, 93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online. E-commerce has evolved since 40years it was introduced.

So if you are thinking of selling online, ensure that you choose an experience ecommerce developer.
Ordinarily, having an ecommerce website will make your products available to your customers 24/7.

Also, your customers can easily pay through debit or credit cards, Visa, Paypal, mobile money and numerous forms of payment options with advanced security.

But if these are the only features you’re looking out for, then we are sorry you’re on the wrong page.

What’s the point of having an online store when your audiences don’t make purchases?

According to research, 38.5% of visitors leave website due to outdated design,34.6% leave because of poor content structure and 61.5% leave due to bad navigation.

When this occurs, chances are;
You will wake up to little or no purchase notifications.
Your stock gets piled up and you get frustrated whiles you reduce prices to clear.
We get it, this can really affect your business and worse, you will lose your customers to competitors.

Look, at deeptot, we strongly believe that business is an incredible tool to bring change to the world.

So we happen to add the right elements to e-commerce for example; color mix, right navigation, right images, fonts, charming graphics, words, attractive design and well-structured contents to make your visitors make more purchases.


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