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Visual Identity

What catches your eye captures your thoughts!

When someone is trying to sell an idea, product, or service, the way they look is the first thing we notice. This first impression forms an early idea of how trustworthy they might be, and that affects how much we trust the company they represent.

If the person’s appearance is messy, our mind starts a conversation between what we feel without thinking (subconscious) and what we think about (conscious). This makes us think that the company might not be careful when picking their salespeople. It also makes us think the company might be small and not care about their image, which could mean they sell things that aren’t very good.

When it comes to how your brand looks, especially online, things get even more serious. Unlike regular salespeople, your brand’s appearance is super important now. This is because more people see your brand online, there’s more competition, and people use their phones a lot.

Experts say that 55 percent of how people feel about your brand comes from how it looks. Another 38 percent comes from how it sounds, like the words used in ads or videos, and only 7 percent comes from what’s actually said. This tells us that good design isn’t just about looking nice, it’s about
making people feel something.

In a world where people decide fast and aren’t always forgiving, having a clear and powerful visual identity is really important. Mistakes and missed chances show how much it matters to make sure what you show matches
what you’re really about. Like a skilled salesperson who can make or break a deal, a carefully planned visual identity can make your brand stand out or bring it down.

In this world where the first impression matters so much, why not take a step with us? Join us to find your place among the special brands we’re helping this year. Time is limited, so don’t miss this chance to use Deeptot’s expert help. Your first impression is like your shield, and we’re here to make sure it’s the best it can be.

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